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I'm someone who enjoys a pipe, and well poured pint of Guinness; or for that matter a horn full of Mead. A well made loaf of sourdough & spending time with company of good reputation is a great night time activity. I take delight in talking about absurd esoteric topics beside candle or nemed fire deep into the wee hours. A good jam session always fills a void in my life. It can understood by musicians, that the language of music can better communicate emotion than words. If you go to nature and simply quiet the self, fire in the head and honey of the tongue will become you. I receive great joy from being able to serve my community in anyway they call upon me. From story, song, poem, riddle, and rhyme. Being able to provide service in the ways of Ritual for those in need is important to me. I do Legal Wedding ceremonies, house blessings, naming rites, or other private rites of passage for the individual or tribe. They are always done with compassion and care for the individuals personal needs. I love to play the harp, tell stories, write poetry, and work in the garden. I can be very serious at times in my personal approach of celebrating and living the proud culture of the Gael. I maybe a bit passionate about my way of things, but I assure you, I have enough respect and honor to allow freedom within my personal practice to work with others of universal faiths if they require my services. I feel there must be a careful balance between preserving the old and working with the present. Like the symbol of the Janus head; we honor our past, and yet we look to our future. Striving to always be firmly rooted within the present as we face current issues of today making plans for tomorrow. I am a poet, a bard, and a harper. I am a seer, a shaman, and a diviner. I am philosopher and councilman. Teaching traditional Gaelic culture is something I have done for a while which gives me a sense of value. Sharing my culture and seeing others enjoy it is a wonderful gift. I love being involved in historical re-enacting and living history of Iron Age Celtic Europe with the ACC (Ancient Celtic Clans) I am many things, often simply-complicated; but mostly, I am myself. I am involved with things many consider to be strange and unfamiliar, though I have no problem sharing if asked. Wandering & foraging for wild edibles makes me feel connected to the land and my food in a profound way. For me, The Celtic path is where my heart belongs, and I am dedicated to walking and teaching it everyday. I happen to be a Druid in the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids (OBOD) & have been with them now for 18 years. Before joining I studied for a long time on the customs and heritage of my ancestors, and underwent various rites of passage with my Grandmother (Stregheria tradition). Though a calling to walk the ways of my Fathers line is what inevitably called me spiritually home. The past 23 years have been dedicated to not only education but that of service to others. I don't consider myself to be a Neo-Druid, or Eclectic Pagan by any means; not that there is anything wrong in being one, I'm just not. I study various cultures, and learn from them. As a Freemason this sort of thing is common. I simply choose to celebrate and live one - 'Sinnsreachd' Gaelic Polytheistic Tribalism. I do my best to be tolerant of others and the paths they have chosen, always reminding myself of personal freedom and sovergnty. The beauty of how complex nature really is in all its subtle details ignites a passion deep within my soul. There are many paths up the same mountain of life, and many colors of the rainbow; I worship none and honor many. I feel more focus should be placed upon accepting our differences and embracing them for a common goal of human growth. I do not like when people claim to be something they are obviously not for some sort of ego boosting. The psychobabble people poison each other with trying to 'one-up' one other using self assumed ranks & titles only shows immaturity of the path itself. If you earn such things, this is another thing entirely. I feel Drama is best left for the stage. I have just as many gripes about the Pagan community, as I do with many other groups that are poorly educated. Though I never judge collectivly and only on an individual basis. I love making gifts for people from antler, bone, stone, & wood. Wands, Ogham & Rune sets, Jewelry, and more can be found for sale on my etsy page DruidCrafts. For me, making someone a custom item is what life is all about. Its how I am able to also share with a wider community of like minded individuals in a small way. When not making things, I am home being a family man, a loving husband, and attentive father to my three little boys. I spend as much time as possible outdoors either for ritual, or just on a long hike working on bushcraft skills or foraging. I love playing music; low d whistle, bodhran, mandolin, guitar, harp, didgeridoo. Cooking and bread making are also passions I am quite fond of. To sum me up I will quote the following lyric: "So be easy and free when you're drinking with me, I'm a man you don't meet everyday."

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